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At Wild, the essential is in the accessory. Point of detail, like a final point, it finishes an outfit. We take particular care in creating bohemian bags and clutches so that you can roam in the Wild spirit. See more

A bridge between two shores

Wild clutches often have a bohemian look. It is the DNA of our brand. A bohemian chic style of course, mixing the country girl and the city girl, the casual casual and the joyful and colorful femininity. They allow the fusion of the most distant universes and styles by reconciling the classic chic and the eccentric ultra liberated and adept of strong patterns and vintage.

Jewel clutches

Our bohemian clutches are often embroidered and beaded by hand, each weaving like a story, tells the story of our collections each season. We decorate our pouches like ethnic jewelry. They are composed of mirrors, pompoms, tassels, and silver or gold elements. They punctuate a bohemian look and add a little spice to a classic style.

Versatile clutches

Worn in the hand, under the arm or with a small metal handle, our bohemian clutches are polymorphous and change tone as you change your attitude. Why reduce yourself to a single character when you are a woman with multiple identities and highly declared as multi-potential.

Wildeuse of the Andes ?

At Wild, when we dress in colors, we tend to give ourselves the nice little name of "Pepita of Chile". Yes, it's our little good-natured nickname which means that we are really Wild from head to toe, and this, until the bohemian clutch. A gypsy dress from the 16th arrondissement of Paris, a cowgirl hat from the Landes, belted high and strong and completed by the detail that really hits the spot, the Wild clutch.

You too are a wildeuse of the Andes ? Well, look no further, you need this complete wardrobe, down to the final detail, high in color to start this year with panache. 

Welcome to paradise girls !

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Pocket bag Elda
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Pocket bag Elda
65.00 EUR
Pocket bag Elda