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Bum bag

Hands up! High the hearts! Colorful Banana girl style! Go on an adventure with our women's banana bag that leaves your hands free to seize every opportunity life has to offer. 

I wouldn't mind if you kissed me banana

You have to take a chance, before it passes Banana

Hiker look 2.0

At Wild, the banana bag that we designed for women has nothing to do with the 80's banana bag, made of thin canvas that hung cheerfully under the stomach. At Wild, we wear the banana high! Proud ! On fire!!! Whether it is to tightly belt your winter down jacket, to pull up the back of your pretty silhouette or to cross over your jacket, our fanny pack belts you in a feminine way. Harnessed like a streetwalker in New Jack City, you are free to gallop wherever you want! Head for the heights... of style... Forever!

I wouldn't mind if you kissed me banana

You've got to take a chance, before she passes Banana

Don't let yourself be encumbered!

The banana bag is for women who have more to do than carry their bag.

Little confidence of Hilary Clinton to Roselyne Bachelot at a few hours of the American elections : You know what Rosy... Never a handbag ! Never !!! You have to keep your hands free. We can't let ourselves be encumbered. Do men let themselves be encumbered?

Ah Hilary... If only you had your Wild fanny pack... You would have won that election!

I wouldn't mind if you kissed me banana

You've got to take a chance before it's gone Banana

Our banana bags are two-tone, with an adjustable strap, to maximize the associations and ways to wear it. Adjustable, adjustable, it's up to your fanny pack to adapt to your busy life, not the other way around. Our fanny pack converts with a notched strap that allows you to put it on your waist or wear it as a shoulder bag. Chic and sturdy, our bags are made with the best qualities of cowhide for a guaranteed suede effect. 

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Bag Banana