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The print that will make you travel!

Last call for Mexico! Immediate boarding at the WILD door for a one-way trip to the other side of the Atlantic. With our new Mexico collection, take a big shot of change of scenery, sun and beauty. Fall for the audacity of our vintage prints, their saturated colors, their first degree messages.


At WILD, it's adventura every day in your wardrobe.

We dream of overwhelming heat, of glistening skin, of sunshine. When you close your eyes, you imagine yourself strolling through the alleys with their colorful houses, flaming terracotta, extravagant saffron. Fire colors like an endless Sunset. Adorned with our tequila and taco prints, we bring out our golden skin. We invoke travel in a matching bikini, perfect t-shirt on lamé shorts. We end the day in our Carioca skirt, with sun pleats to die for.